There is a name for a new large, extreme getal: quetta (een 1 met 30 zero)

There is a name for a new large, extreme getal: quetta (een 1 met 30 zero)

There is a name for a new large, extreme getal: quetta (een 1 met 30 zero)

The amount of data is growing rapidly. The worldwide golf has no official terms. Tot now. During the international conference on weight and food, last week in Paris, they have agreed to the immediate entry of new terms in the international system to adopt. This SI system contains standard units for the measurement of, for example, mass (a kilogram) and velocity.

The four new terms are: ronna, quetta, ronto and quecto. The first two represent the respective unit 1027 No. 1030 – Open subsequent terms in the SI system always make a leap by a factor of one thousand. For the good order: 1030 is a 1 met 30 zero eracht. It is only a system of 1024a necessity in 1991 the term ‘yotta’ is accepted.

After expected producer of men within several years 1024 Yottabytes of data per year. “Daarna will have the rapid increase”, says Richard Brown, head of the terms, who works at the National Physical Laboratory in London.

The use of the term was not limited to data flow, he says. To give another example: the earth is about one ronnagram.

Because the symmetric SI system is, Brown explained, next to new terms for whole large, also with new terms for whole small accepted. Ronto state for 10-27 a quecto for 10-30. The mass of an electron is approximately one kwectogram.

According to Gert Rietveld, senior scientist at the VSL Nationaal Metrologisch Instituut, the inclusion of new terms in the SI system is “a good idea”. Google used a term ‘hell’ for a quantity of 1027 a byte. Elders is the term ‘bronto’ for geopperd. “Is almost a wild groei for the term”, says Rietveld. “Terwijl du for a good exchange and trade of data that is one official, internationally accepted standard used.”

Brown says from alternative terms of use. All because they do not meet the guidelines. You can start a new term for the SI system with a letter not previously used. “One alone de r en de q were not available”, says Brown.

But what is data flow for rapid growth as it immediately also for de termen ronna en quetta gaat? Which letters must be used? Brown doesn’t see it coming in the next 25 years anyway. Afterwards, we need terms for several smaller quantities, and “knowledge that we can perhaps use double terms”, he says. As has been done for some time before, for example, the term pico (a biljoenste, 10-12) was accepted. “This and micro micro.”

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