“Private investors must act against climate change”

“Private investors must act against climate change”

“Private investors must act against climate change”

It may be an ambition with jullie’s climate ice. The spur provides a group of institutional investors, gathered in the Net-Zero Asset Owner Alliance (NZAOA), on the day of private equity firms. The groups, which together represented 11 billion dollars (10.5 billion euros) in investments, called on private equity leaders for more measures against climate change. They advise a number of measures: of public public how ‘green’ their current investments are to set targets to reduce consumption.

After NZAOA, even the tough companies have clarified that by 2050 there are no more ‘disgusting’ investments in their portfolio. Investments in industrial companies that have no bridge oak gases will do something about it.

It is not only from wishes for a livable world. Climate change is an investment risk, find investors behind NZAOA, targeting US flags. To those groups under other sellers Aviva and Swiss Re.


There is a group of specific private investors for their lack of climate ambitions, have a reduction. There is a risk that the “vervuiling” investments take over as listed companies at hand. With the transition into private hands, regulation and monitoring will be reduced. Award holders can engage with companies that are easy to talk to for a long time – and companies are under a lot of pressure there.

The call from NZAOA echoes the statement of Larry Fink, the administration of BlackRock. This investment company has a controlled capacity of 8,800 billion euros, which is the largest in the world. At the climate summit in Scotland where the finch has been for a year for the public’s privacy. In this case, according to Fink, nothing changes for the better – it’s just “window dressing” and “greenwashing”. The calculation is not fixed, but it is only available to private investors.

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Fink speaks further about the risks for companies that do not act against climate change. In their influential annual cards for business managers are critical of the drivers who believe that shareholders only have short-term results. Cooperative owners also want companies to play a role in making a comeback on a global basis, says Fink. “Elk Company and every industry wants a transformation along the way as a result of the transit to a climate-neutral world. The question is: gaat u leiden, of gaat u følge? […] If you change your guard area, do you choose what to do to do it?

Also the NZAOA considers that private investors can no longer “in that phase be changed”, is a co-author of the calls against the financial agency Bloomberg. The investors after NZAOA call on private equity and also on themselves for the goals of “net zero” to find out, during more use of fossil markers and the emissions of bridge oak gases back to the dring.

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