Funeral mother reveals toys she’ll never let her kids have: ‘Call me the Grinch’

Funeral mother reveals toys she’ll never let her kids have: ‘Call me the Grinch’

Funeral mother reveals toys she’ll never let her kids have: ‘Call me the Grinch’

An “armed” funeral director talks about the toys she’ll never let her kids play with, and now her eye-opening TikTok is going viral.

Mortician and mother @lovee.miss.lauren received over 5.7 million views, 722,000 likes and 10,000 comments when she uploaded the PSA to her account.

Now, much like the TikTok that went viral to reveal what can happen when you sleep with your bedroom door closed, Lauren’s video is sending chills down the spines of parents around the world.

“I practically grew up in a funeral home, and as many funeral homes will say, child deaths are the hardest we ever have to deal with,” Lauren explained.

“When you become a parent, you find yourself extra protective of your children, because you know what can happen at a moment’s notice.”

In her TikTok — and a fast-growing follow-up video — Lauren lists the following toys as banned in her home:

  • Water pearls

  • Everything with a string

  • Necklaces that get teeth

  • Balloons

  • Jump rope

  • Button batteries

  • Trampolines

  • Toys with magnets

  • Fidget spinners

  • Hammocks

The American Academy of Pediatrics supports Lauren’s warnings. According to the website, water-absorbing gel beads can grow up to 200 times their size when they encounter water, resulting in dangerous obstructions that may not be detected by X-rays if swallowed or inserted into the ears.

Toys with loose strings, ropes, ribbons or cords – especially when the strings measure more than 12 inches, such as with pull toys or jump ropes – can pose a dangerous choking hazard for children.

Teething chains, which can cause strangulation or suffocation, should never be used by little ones. Instead, parents should massage their children’s gums or give them teething rings made of hard rubber that are not frozen.

Coin-cell batteries – found in items such as music cards, toys, remote controls, thermometers, hearing aids, calculators, bathroom scales, key fobs, cameras and holiday decorations – can cause serious injury or death if swallowed.

Trampoline use has long been discouraged by the AAP, as serious injuries can occur even when padding and enclosures are in place.

Magnets, if swallowed, can trap tissue between them, resulting in potentially fatal injuries.

Fidget spinners, whether plastic or metal, often contain small pieces and/or batteries that can pose a choking hazard.

Hammocks, whether intended for small children or for toys, can become twisted around the neck of the little ones, resulting in suffocation.

Lauren isn’t the only TikToker asking parents to remove dangerous toys from their homes. Reese’s Purpose took to the internet in 2020 to warn parents about fatal button batteries, and That Water Bead Lady has been working hard since 2017 to educate families about the dangers of water beads.

“I Can’t Imagine What You’ve Seen”

Thousands of TikTokers reacted to Lauren’s PSAs and shared their own scary experiences.

“I’m an ER nurse and have the saddest battery story. People need to keep them away from kids and pets! So sad,” wrote one user.

“Answering 911 calls all day has done the same to me! So many things can hurt little ones!” said another.

“As a former hospital chaplain … YUP,” one user agreed.

“I can see how all of these are valid. I can’t imagine what you’ve seen 🥺,” one user empathized.

“This video could save so many lives. thank you for bringing awareness to these for our babies❤️‍🩹,” wrote another user.

Parents who wonder if their children’s toys are safe, or want to research potential Christmas gifts this holiday season, can refer to the Consumer Product Safety Commission website or

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