ESA presented new astronauts, the Netherlands does not have the best maps

ESA presented new astronauts, the Netherlands does not have the best maps

ESA presented new astronauts, the Netherlands does not have the best maps

ESA presented new astronauts, the Netherlands does not have the best maps


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In a year of final testing, talks are carried out, simulations and more tests, ESA van midday comes with the last word: are new European astronauts one – not important in a space organization with 22 people – did it come from land?

Angelo Vermeulen knows that he is absolutely certain that he does not have a certain amount of time, and he is probably in the last 6 percent of more than 22,000 candidates. The Flemish biologist, who has changed in Antwerp and Delft, therefore needs something needed for a ticket to the ISS, and perhaps on the way over several years.

It began in a year with questionnaires, health declaration rules that tell about any experiences that may come in a space station. That’s good.

For months, Vermeulen had participated in a HI-SEAS mission in Hawaii, one of the NASA-sponsored projects in which life on a Martian base is simulated. He was also invited to tests in Hamburg, at the German space agency DLR, for technical, cognitive, motor and personality tests.

It was definitely not easier, he said. “For example, you operate a flight simulator where you need to work for wind, but there is a delayed time, what’s more difficult, and a consumer you get via a phone number that needs to be remembered. It gives you a lot of stress, but there is also about, to see how you do.”

He did not make it to the next round and ESA says that is not why. Also quite understandable, wishes together with Vermeulen probably received bad news for many hundreds of candidates.

Despite the disappointment, there is a biologist who continues to be part of the selection. “I was 50, which was really over the age limit, when my chances were not that high. The selection was a special experience. It was plentiful and I have made new contacts.”

He remains inside a space travel. An American who, together with him in the HIS-SEAS base in Hawaii, is a year with SpaceX in space. It is not closed to ESA, there are several ways, he knows. “I don’t give it.”


Angelo Vermeulen during a training session for the HI-SEAS Mars simulation

The well-thought-out candidate faced a series of tests that awaited where psychological and physical composure and social skills were tested. After selected and various interviews, there were 25 people left, ESA manager Philippe Schoonejans out.

After that, the candidates in question have no impact on the final selections for the four career astronauts who will go immediately to the ISS (the others will be in a reserve pool).

In elections, politics play a role, and the driving force is the ESA, which is also transparent, says Schoonejans. It is a long way into the procedure. So must the composition of it The European Astronaut Corps (EAC) a reflection is of contributions from various people to the exploration program for ESA payment.

Germany, France and Italy, which are responsible for large parts of the ESA budget, are therefore a year and a day court suppliers for the company.

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    The ESA Budget
  • NOS

    The ESA Budget

But there is more focus on doing. ESA also wants someone who is small in the astronaut corps. The actual is beautiful as every device (that will) once an astronaut has delivered.

It is made by the Netherlands which does not have any good maps. André Kuipers has been quite recently (2012) to the ISS and the Dutch contributions to the ESA budget are separated, for example with die from België.

It won’t say anything about it in a couple of years in Belgium. ESA can supply three astronauts for Artemis missions, but the current generations of experienced astronauts make the most of the seats.

Derbij goes the European and especially not on the moon land, but remains a boord of a small space station in a ban om himmellichaam. Die extra by carrying to the maanproject hoop ESA in each case when one of the three European on the lunar surface to get.

Astronaut with a limitation

The astronauts who are being presented today first train in the International Space Station before they can do a mission. One of the group will also be one of several ‘para-astronauts’, astronauts with a limited.

Participating in a test to see in large rooms. It’s limited, but Schoonejans expects it to do well. “Astronaut Samantha Cristoforetti has a good word for a year. They said: in space we are all restrained, we need blood, it goes to the head, you can see less well and less well. There is greater limitation and e.g. missen van een stick leg.”

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