Call Of Duty’s armor piercing ammunition no longer pierces armor

Call Of Duty’s armor piercing ammunition no longer pierces armor

Call Of Duty’s armor piercing ammunition no longer pierces armor

Soldiers advance with weapons drawn.

Equip armor piercing rounds to…damage vehicles?
Picture: Activision / Kotaku

Yesterday, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II and Warzone 2.0 got their latest patch. The notes indicate common adjustments and bug fixes one expects from long-term live service games, but a change to gun ammo has fans scratching their heads. Armor-piercing munitions, it seems, no longer (checking patch notes) penetrate armor.

As expected, Duty calls has tons of weapons for players equip and adapt. Sights, stocks, barrels, everything is there, including ammo. Provided that War zone in particular, often see players wearing armor, carrying armor-piercing ammunition onto the field has proven to be an excellent survival aid (especially in the DMZ). But based on the latest patch notes, the “damage multiplier against armored opponents” has been completely removed. Now such ammunition will only deal extra damage to vehicles.

Fans of the gritty war crime simulator point out the obvious: It’s weird to remove a feature something is named after…and then keep the same name. “Now it’s just ammunitionđź’€” one Redditor commented on a thread calling out the unusual shuffling in ammo stats. As many point out, enjoying a damage bonus against armored enemies seemed like a fair trade for the equipment slot the armor piercing munitions consumed. “If someone wants to use a mount slot on AP ammo, they should get more than a niche benefit from it,” reading such a comment.

Others take the opportunity to joke about a modification that no longer does what the description says. “In the next update: High Velocity Ammo now moves slower. Burning ammo now uses freeze.” snarled one.

A screenshot from the Call of Duty menus showing stats for armor piercing rounds.

Screenshot: Activision / Kotaku

But it’s not just jokes. Some wonder how this affects enemy AI, especially in the game’s new DMZ mode, which sometimes pits you against large numbers of very well-armored AI. “So now it’s name is misleading, and with how many armored enemies the DMZ throws at you, you’re going to run out of ammo even faster” one Redditor commented. “That should at least help you against armored DMZ AI opponents?” suggested another. “If [it] only helps with vehicles, then it shouldn’t have any negatives at all.”

Kotaku has contacted Activision for details on which game modes this change affects.

However, it is not all negative changes in the latest update. Various weapons saw adjustments to ADS speed, recoil and bullet spread. And a bunch of bugs in the UI, progression and directional sound were broken. In what is hopefully a sign of more improvements to come, the camera section navigation has been improved, with new bumper navigation for controls and a toggle to show/hide locked cameras. Modern Warfare IIits menu system can be seriously confusing, and all horizontal scrolling doesn’t help. This is definitely a step in the right direction.

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